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Our First Event April 29, 2023 12pm-2pm at 44 Deer Park. WWII and Vietnam War Veterans are being honored with their names forever mounted on a plaque at the Northwoods Park Community Center, 8348 Greenridge Road. Where Deerwood Drive ends into Greenridge Road. FOOD AND DRINKS PROVIDED AND MEET THE VETS. If we missed a Veteran off this list we will be making another plaque and they will be honored next year. SEND IN PICTURES OF DEER PARK VETERANS TO BE REMEMBERED. Founded by Family Members of Deer Park. The Goal is to remember those of Deer Park who served. Those from yesteryear when Deer Park was mostly country dirt roads including Otranto was a dirt road and Northwood Estates was a bunch of cow fields. Today Deer Park being the middle of the Charleston Tri-county Metro Area. Those who fought for our freedom. The men and women who gave the oath to defend our US Constitution and our Country from both Foreign and Domestic Enemies with their lives. Some gave their lives, some lived yet gave up their physical abilities and some have mental wounds that you cannot see.

The site is maintained by Generations for America 501(c)(3). Our goal is for the next generations to appreciate the ones who served and to keep America the greatest land in the world. It is important that our next generations never forget that Freedom today is not Free and we are always one generation away from losing our Freedoms.

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