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Big Match Fundraiser for Penmanship Summer Camp

Generations for America Foundation and Motivate to Educate have teamed up to raise funds for Penmanship Summer Camp. LTC Ingrid "Skygoddess" Centurion, US Army retired will take on Tony "Serious Black" Lewis, former N Charleston City Councilman on 18 May 2023 at 3PM at the North Charleston Athletic Center. Generations for America is hosting a Penmanship Summer Camp for 25 students at the North Charleston Recreation Center, 19 Bolton St, Charleston, SC from 9AM to 4PM on 19-23 June 2023. A one week summer camp program which includes American History, Art, and Music. Penmanship and cursive writing is a skillset that is no longer being taught in the public school system. It is a critical life skill to learn to read cursive and have legible handwriting. We plan to empower and motivate our students this summer and become life long learners. With South Carolina ranking 44th in the nation in public education, #G4A realizes we must support our future generations. We would like to raise awareness of the lost art of penmanship and American history and civics. We are seeking Sponsors to help provide scholarships and supplies needed for the program. Donate today and Sponsor a Child in 2023 with a life skill gift called penmanship.

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