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We are Better Together Rally a Big Success!

Our "We are Better Together" rally was a huge success with over 400 people in attendance! We honored Hispanic Heritage and we recognized the first ever Community Advocate of the Year Award to Enrique Henry Grace. Enrique formed the Charleston Hispanic Association five years ago and is the President of the First Latin Exchange Club in the Nation. He has a heart of gold in supporting the Hispanic Community working tirelessly and motivating others to do more everyday. We are so grateful for his support and we are excited about the future. There were many activities for adults and children including the Team Martial Arts/American Taekwondo Association demo, the Mujeres Latinas dance, and we gave away six kids bikes, a gas grill and food for the community.

You belong to a state, a city, a community, a family... But you also belong to a movement that is proud of America. When you donate to Generations for America, your gift will go to help: English First Program, Parliamentarian Training, and education in the areas of public health and safety.

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